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Very exciting news! Our creative and wonderful Event Design Consultant, Ciara Kentner, is going to be sharing her ideas and talent with you once a month here on the AELO Blog! Please enjoy her tips and ideas, and Contact Us to book her for your event!

How to Ask Your Bestie to be Your Maid of Honor

I never questioned who I would have as my Maid of Honor …the question was HOW would I ask her. I am a very creative person. With that, I find the need to cover every detail on any project I am working on.  We are having a destination wedding in Mexico so my fiancé and I decided to each have one person each stand up with us. He decided on his best friend and I decided on my best friend. This was an easy decision for the both of us, done and done. 

As most guys do, they keep serious conversation simple and to the point. I wasn’t involved in the asking of the best man but I’m positive there were beers and one shot (probably more) of liquor. Hey, to each their own! 

This is where it gets cute. My best friend and I live over an hour away from each other and we both work so meeting up easily isn’t an option. I thought about surprising her for dinner or just a quick FaceTime session. That didn’t give me the “feels” so I opted for a box of treasures. We have had a lot of fun times together and we both know each other very well so filling the treasure box was easy and so fun!

I used scrapbook paper for the background of the poem to give it a nice touch. Silver and gold metallic filler made the box pop with fun and her cat thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Off to the post office I went to bubble wrap and box it up! I had the box tracked via text messaging so as soon as the box arrived I let her know to call. I got antsy pants and FaceTimed immediately. 

She opened the box, pawed through, got to the poem and well…she cried. The girl who doesn’t cry, cried. Mission accomplished. 


The treasure box contained the following items: 

  • Glow sticks and a glow wand (We were avid EDM followers for a few summers, so very appropriate)
  • Sunscreen. Obviously a necessity for the Mexico sun!
  • Nail polish (Essie Topless and Barefoot)
  • Maracas. Self explanatory
  • Ceramic ring dish with a plastic light up diamond ring!
  • Small notebook journal with her first initial on the front
  • Framed hand drawn photo of a bride and bridesmaid
  • And last but not least, a poem.

I often get ideas from Pinterest, Etsy, and blogs on the Internet. I’ll list some of my favorite blogs below, check them out! 

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Treasure box items purchased from:

Target, TJ Maxx, Michael's, Party City, Etsy