AELO Alumni Cassandra + Berny 10/11/14

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Venue: Moonlight Studios | Church:  St. Andrew’s Assyrian Church of the East  | Photography: Elena Bazini  | Florist: Flowers by Stem | Groom Cake: Gingersnap | Catering: Kenmare Catering | DJ: Jumping Jack 

Beautiful, hilarious, talented, sweet...all words we would use to describe the awesome team that is Cassandra and Berny! We absolutely loved being a part of their day. They were full of joy and laughter, and MAN could they dance! It was so much fun spending time with them before their day, so we knew this would be a good one. And we were right! Check out the beautiful photos from one of our faves, Elena Bazini!

Congratulations, Cassandra + Berny! We know your life together will be amazing!

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