AELO Alumni | Laurel + Harrison 8/30/14

 photo 10620770_840012566039002_6636024782638002982_n_zps431609bc.jpg

Photography: Free the Bird | DJ: Bobby Goodtimes | Band: Animal City | Venue: Pottawatamie Park | Caterer: Chef, Jason Vincent | Personal Flowers: Pollen | Centerpiece flowers: Steve’s Flower Market, AELO execution | Cake: Luscious Layers

Lulu & Harry. Talk about some of the coolest, sweetest people you'll ever meet. From the gorgeous sunny day we got after the threat of rain, to the motorcycle ride off, to the awesome music, this was definitely one for the record books. They were both so gracious and fun as they planned from Arizona, and it was a pleasure to meet them. All of their guests were so much fun, their families sweet and kind, and everything fell perfectly into place. Check out the gorgeous photos from Jai at Free The Bird!

Lulu and Harry, you're both amazing people, and we hope you have the best lives together!

Bonus: Lulu and her sister are awesome clothing designers, and you can visit them online at Kuzu!

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