Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a day of coordinator?

A dedicated event manager who is focused on the details, the vendors, and the overall flow and success of the event.

2. can't my venue/caterer/calligrapher Just do what you do?

Short answer - no! Many vendors will offer the option of including an on-site coordinator, or claim that their services mirror those of dedicated Event Consultants. The bottom line is that catering will be focused on food, the venue will be focused on the space, and you need someone focused on you, your guests, and the macro view of the whole event.

3. what is included in the month/day of coordination package?

We include a comprehensive Timeline Meeting and detailed event schedule, as well as attendance at pre-event meetings, walkthroughs and rehearsals. Our team will be on site for the entirety of the event, managing vendors, coordinating various moments and putting out fires along the way. 

4. how do vendor recommendations work?