AELO Alumni | Jackie + Tim 12/28/13

 photo JackieTim-W-557-3172679188-O_zpsb02d9175.jpg

Photographer: Chris Kim Photography | Church: Our Lady of the Woods Parish | Reception Venue: The Brookfield Zoo | Flowers: Mabette, a family friend

Okay, this one is a LONG time coming! In December of 2013, just a few days after Christmas, we had the pleasure of coordinating for the gorgeous couple above. They were so much fun, and so kind, and we had a blast on their day!

This was another "attitude is everything" situation. December 28th, 2013 was a glorious fifty degrees, which was so lucky! Unfortunately, because it was so nice outside, every single human being within a fifty mile radius decided to go to Brookfield Zoo to see their light display. The ceremony ended at 4pm, and it should have taken about 20 minutes for everyone to get to the zoo and enjoy cocktails with the giraffes.

It took about four and a half hours. Luckily, Jackie, Tim and their bridal party all managed to make it there by having a savvy driver who took back roads! By the time the other shuttles and the rest of the vendors were on their way, it was too late. There was no way to get to Brookfield Zoo without sitting in hours of traffic, and no way to get out of the traffic.

When everyone finally arrived, Jackie and Tim were pleased as punch and still in great spirits, happy to be married and really get the party started! The zoo added an extra hour to their reception free of charge, and everything after that went off without a hitch. They were so sweet and understanding of the situation, and they had an AWESOME time with their guests. And so did we! Chris Kim captured all of it beautifully, and was a joy to work with.

Jackie and Tim, we hope the first year of your marriage has been amazing, and wish you many, many more!

 photo JackieTim-W-40-3172562301-O_zpsa4ea940c.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-7-3172553566-O_zps16cd6e20.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-15-3172555408-O_zps9cf03608.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-92-3172574702-O_zpse5447fdf.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-113-3172588276-O_zps11d921de.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-149-3172594176-O_zps7127ef27.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-240-3172611260-O_zps5b810b11.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-431-3172646953-O_zpsd1c16966.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-536-3172673936-O_zpse55cad1d.jpg photo JackieTim-W-678-3172832453-O_zps3c76ed48.jpg photo JackieTim-W-576-3172812589-O_zpsad7c424b.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-691-3172834233-O_zpsc1258ccf.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-714-3172838531-O_zps47cdb181.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-785-3172850666-O_zpsc1705b68.jpg  photo JackieTim-W-812-3172853891-O_zps140aef9c.jpg